Top 8 freelance skills you can earn with in 2021

Gone are the days when you only need to go to school and leave everything else to your certificate. The world is moving every day and screaming that beyond your outstanding result, you need to have the skills to keep going in Nigeria’s fragile economy. Most people understand this but find it difficult to determine the kind of skill(s) they need to learn.

1. Writing

image for writing

Fiverr is home to thousands of different gigs in different niches. However, no matter how big the competition is, writing has always been at the forefront.

There are thousands of writers on Fiverr, Upwork, and all other freelance sites, but it has never diminished the productivity of writers. You know why? We will always be in need of content on our website, blogs, or for our businesses. So if you want to make some quick bucks on Fiverr, writing is one of the gigs you should look towards.

If you enjoy writing naturally, then you should try it out. If you are also a fast learner, you can take some courses and sharpen your writing skills.

There is a lot of content to write in this post-pandemic period. Creative writers are never enough!

You can charge a minimum of $5 per working hour as a newbie on Upwork for an article or you just calculate the amount of work and charge rightly.

2. Creating attractive eBook covers

ebook cover design sample

If you know how to use the right tools to design an ebook cover, you will make a lot of money on freelance marketplaces. Everyone is writing a book or two and they need the cover to bring out what their idea is all about. Put on your thinking cap and make some dollars with this lazy gig. I call it a lazy gig because you don’t have to be exceptional at it. There are tools that are available to help you online. You only need to search for it. Some of the tools you can use include Canva, photoshop, etc.

You can make up to $50 on each beautiful and compelling ebook cover design you make including upselling other services like marketing and editing.

3. Web Development


Virtually all serious businesses have a website nowadays. It is a good way of showing professionalism and making the business accessible at all times. Beyond this, it guarantees more sales and revenues to business owners. Website developer's services are highly needed and it explains why they command a sizeable fee every time. Start learning today, see where you are in six months, and start selling.

4. Social media marketing


Every one of us is always on our phones. Why don’t you turn that skill into a money-making venture during this period?

Some business owners want to increase their followers on Instagram or Twitter. Some want to gain more visibility on Facebook by getting more likes.

I know some people who use more than 10 Gig worth of data in a week to argue Vee and Tolani Baj getting their money through reality shows. It is little compared to others who go as far as threatening themselves over politicians who don’t even know them. I know tweeps that know how to trend hashtags on social media platforms without getting anything in return. Is that how it is supposed to be in this kind of our economy? Even though you have a strong 9–5, it is ideal for you to have a side hustle if you have enough time on your hands.

Instead of being a social media vuvuzela without getting anything, why not enroll for a short course on social media marketing and start making money?

The sweetest thing about this skill is you don’t even need any freelance platforms to sell. Look around you, there are folks who have side businesses but not enough time to keep it online. Talk to them and start working. The money may not be much but you will definitely get something good for yourself. If you are consistent, you may be on your way to building a strong online presence and an exciting social media management career.

For example, I handle a small business Twitter page and the money is what I use to get mobile data to pursue my other online engagements. The money is not much but it is a means to an end!

5. Logo Designing


This is a skill I won’t forget even though I don’t know how to blend shapes together. During my second month on Fiverr, I worked for an American who paid me $60 for a logo I delivered within a day.

My brother who was just starting up well as a graphics designer designed the logo then and I got my money. Then, it looked like magic because we made someone’s salary within some hours. Since then, my friend has used freelance money to get himself nice stuff like a new laptop, iPhones, and other things that catch the fancy of a teenager.

Logo designers are making a fortune on freelance marketplaces with their creativity and innovations. The good thing about this skill is that you don’t need to be an expert before selling, you can make good sales while learning on the job.

Now if you are also skilled in logo designing, this is a great opportunity for you. Many startups are launching post-covid period and being a logo designer is a good way to position yourself to gain the money.

6. Virtual Assistance


This is another favorite gig of mine. Before I started content development, I had a gig as a Virtual Assistant. For people who passed through Unilorin, I once made $30 without pressing my laptop inside ELT. I went to school to play with some of my friends then and I got an order to type a note. I stated my price, she agreed and we had a contract to deliver in the next one hour.

I asked one of my friends whether she wants free 2k or not and she said yes. She typed the two-page note (after formatting) and she was done in 30 minutes. Everyone was happy.

There was also a period I got an order to enter data in excel. The order was $70 then, I gave it out to a guy I paid 5k for his job. Fiverr deducted their 20percent and I pocket the remaining funds.

There are different virtual assistant roles available on freelance marketplaces that people can leverage to get themselves a nice job. You can do things like data entry, creating emails, and research, or any other related task and earn good money with your data.

7. WordPress Troubleshooter


WordPress is challenging for a lot of people. It is not everyone’s mate. However, there are some people who are quite versed in the way it works.

If you are one of these esteemed people, this could be a perfect opportunity to help others profitably. Also, the gig is not popular, which makes it one of the most productive on Fiverr and Upwork.

8. Video Animation and Video Editing


Video animation is used to showcase products, services and also to educate consumers. Most of the blue-chip firms and baby startups employ the use of video animation to amplify their products.

You can also make money through video editing if you are good at handling the tools. Also, you can learn both skills within weeks and start rendering them to make money.

There is enough market to sell your skills on Fiverr and Upwork. Just start something with your talent and in no time, you will start making money from home. Also, you can offer this service off freelance marketplaces as there a lot of small business owners and corporate organizations who need video animations to educate their clients on the use of their products or services.

The above skills will help you tap from the dollars on freelance marketplaces and make it easy for you to escape unemployment in Nigeria. If you learn one of these skills and start selling them, you will make your first thousand dollars in no time. Gone are the days where you need to graduate with a good grade and walk into any organization of your choice. Nowadays, you need to have one or two skills that can be useful to the organization before being considered.



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